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EconoFrost Refrigeration Blinds


Benefits of Refrigeration Blinds:

Refrigeration blinds keep retail cold-case display equipment cooler which saves retailers significant amounts of money on their energy bills and in operational costs.

Refrigeration case covers prevent cold air from escaping the cooler, reduces the damage that ambient light and heat causes which shortens shelf life and has been a long-standing problem associated with open refrigerated merchandise cases.

Thermal case covers reduce the strain on refrigeration compressors and other components which would have to work harder to maintain consistent temperatures - ECONOFROST night covers not only conserve more energy they also extend the service life of operational equipment.

ECONOFROST night covers are made from a highly specialized perforated woven aluminum material and reflect ambient light and heat away from refrigerated merchandise keeping cold air inside the cold case and maintaining ideal temperatures.

Valuable merchandise is protected from premature discoloration, shrinkage and spoilage. Lower discard rates save stores hundreds of dollars a month.

ECONOFROST is a proven night cover product known to last up to ten years with energy savings from 37% to 50%.

Features of ECONOFROST Refrigeration Blinds

Features of EconoFrost Refrigerator Blinds

· Available in three standard widths, 4 feet, 6 feet and 8 feet. The standard length of fabric will cover openings up to 76 inches

· All metal spring/brake assembly and internal components stay rust and corrosion free for added lifetime service

· Open design of the aluminum cassette ensures the unit does not sweat and allows for maximum breathability preventing mold, mildew and bacteria growth

· Reinforced taped edges prevent premature wear on the precision perforated, woven aluminum heat reflective fabric

· Clip on magnets and slim line handle securely fasten the night cover to the display case bumper. The proprietary handle and magnet closure are engineered for ease of use, durability and maintenance

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