EconoFrost Refrigerator Covers

Energy Saving Covers for Display Cases

  • To save energy when the supermarket or grocery store is closed we advise the use of a night blind or cover. The material used is made of woven aluminum fabric.

    The material absorbs the heat radiation from the sales area and keeps cold air inside the showcase when the cover is closed. This prevents condensation from forming on the outside.

    ECONOFROST covers come in various sizes and are available in either retrofit cassette or non-cassette (OEM versions) depending on the case requirements.Econofrost over vegetables

  • There are many advantages to using ECONOFROST night covers (blinds), some of which include:

    • > Energy savings of up to 35 %,
    • > Prevention of condensation buildup,
    • > Tough, reliable construction,
    • > Longlasting service and durability,
    • > Easy installation and operation,
    • > Reduced waste - perishables stay fresher, longer,
    • > Consistent product and case temperatures

    ECONOFROST night shields can be easily retrofitted to any display case making it a cost effective component to any store's energy managment system.

    ECONOFROST Nightshades - Real Value for Energy Savings

  • ECONOFROST reflective aluminum nightshades represent the latest technology in the realm of the night cover industry. When rolled down during the hours a store is closed, the unique woven aluminum design of ECONOFROST curtains reflects cold refrigerated air evenly back inside the casing. This keeps temperatures stable and preserves perishables for substantially longer periods of time.

    This means less wasted resources in the form of repackaged, discounted, or discarded goods for retailers. Furthermore, perishable items can be sold at their top price for longer periods of time thereby, maximizing department profits.

    ECONOFROST curtains additionally shield goods inside the display case from the ill-effects of ambient heat and light. This means that the perishable goods remain in a more consistently cool environment without causing the refrigeration unit to work at maximum capacity. This saves energy and reduces the workload on expensive refrigeration compressors.

    Moreover, once these night shields are discreetly rolled away within the casing during store hours, the effects of the thermal barrier remain for up to fifteen hours! Retailers will appreciate the energy savings (as high as 37-50%) and customers will appreciate the commitment to safety, quality and environmental sustainability that is evident when retailers install ECONOFROST reflective shields in their refrigerated cases.

    To learn more about the science of food safety and how ECONOFROST reflective curtains are proven to lower energy costs and extend the shelf life of perishable goods, please visit us online or call Market Group Ventures directly at 1-800-519-1222 to speak with a representative today.