EconoFrost Refrigerator Covers

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EconoFrost Night Cover technology
  • A trouble-free and dependable solution was needed to combat rising energy costs and reduced profit margins that plagued grocery operations.

    This is where ECONOFROST night covers were born.

    ECONOFROST night covers were originally engineered from research conducted on the largest commercial refrigeration industry in Europe. ECONOFROST Night Cover technology has undergone many modifications and improvements since it's inception to become the most durable and sustainable night cover product on the market today.

  • The result, is that ECONOFROST is now the most recommended night cover product providing reliable, trouble-free service for retailers and independent grocers worldwide.

  • ECONOFROST is a thermal shield night cover that insulates the openings of display cases from radiant heat maintaining internal cold temperatures at their optimum throughout the display case. Many display equipment manufacturers have engineered and approved ECONOFROST night covers for installation at the factory level. For many new cases it comes standard on all new equipment or it can be specified by retailer customers who are placing new orders for custom cases. In addtion, ECONOFROST is also available as an after-market retrofit option.

  • From ECONOFROST's inception, over 300,000 installations have been completed worldwide.

  • Commercial display equipment- EconoFrost Night Covers

ECONOFROST night covers Outlast the competition

The ECONOFROST spring mechanism is made of a high gauge metal and the fabric is tear resistant providing for a long serviceable life.

The payback of ECONOFROST covers can vary from 3 months to 18 months given that a store is closed on an average 60 hours per week.

There are several factors that affect the payback times but the critical ones are: the number of store hours, the store environment, the cost of energy from the utility company, and the efficiency of the equipment. Even shorter payback periods are achieved when the savings of reduced shrinkage of produce and perishables is calculated with energy savings.

While the energy savings can be as much as 37% to 50% per hour used, the returns on product savings can be even greater!

ECONOFROST extends the shelf life of perishables for even greater freshness and visual appeal for shopper satisfaction.

Fact: ECONOFROST night covers qualifies for rebates in many states and provinces. Together, ECONOFROST and local and federal governments and utility companies are working to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment for a sustainable future.


ECONOFROST has been tested by TUV (Technicolor Uberwachungs-Verein Rheinland E.V.) in Europe, which is equivalent to the UL in the United States and the CSA in Canada. These tests have confirmed that this technology safely and effectively provides energy savings every day.

As researched, Southern California Edison's state of the art refrigeration technology measured the power use and performance of a refrigerated display case with and without ECONOFROST night covers. What were the results? ECONOFROST thermal refrigeration blinds reduced the energy consumption and lowered case and product temperatures which was key to extending the shelf life of perishable products.