EconoFrost Refrigerator Covers

Open Display Case Cold Loss

  • Open sided display cases are a vital merchandising tool for any retailer of perishable goods and food products. The easy-access orientation of these designs allows for greater visibility and encourages shoppers walking by to purchase the showcased goods. However, the open design concept of display cases are accompanied by a host of setbacks including high energy costs, temperature variations and substantial premature spoilage.

  • Night Covers are the Proven Solution

  • Econofrost in the Dairy DeptIn the past, manufacturers have experimented with many designs in an attempt to keep open sided refrigerated cases from costing retailers a small fortune in wasted resources and energy costs.

    Glass doors, plastic strip curtains and polyester film covers are just a few of the alternatives that ultimately proved to be inefficient, unattractive and unhygienic for food retail applications.

  • Conserve Energy with Retrofit Night Cover Products

  • ECONOFROST reflective aluminum nightshades are constructed for both energy savings and product savings. Utilized at night, ECONOFROST thermal covers stop warm ambient heat and light from entering the refrigerated cooler case. The refrigerated case is not required to expend the same amount of energy to generate cool air to circulate inside the case. The case temperature remains cooler and product temperatures also stay cooler allowing for greater stocking ability.

    ECONOFROST thermal blinds protect perishable foods from fluctuating temperatures and assist the refrigeration system in operating more efficiently. For the retailer, this means significant savings in energy conservation, improved product integrity and reduced service and maintenance costs for the entire commercial refigeration system.

  • To learn more about how ECONOFROST reflective curtains are proven to lower energy costs and extend the shelf life of perishable foods, please visit us online or call Market Group Ventures Inc., directly to speak with a representative today.

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