EconoFrost Refrigerator Covers

The Retail Advantage Over Your Competition

A well known fact in the grocery market industry is the detrimental costs of product losses and store maintenance. Retail grocers count on a razor-thin profit margin and as a result, are actively searching for ways to bolster their bottom line.

Econofrost over vegetablesECONOFROST woven aluminum night covers save valuable merchandise from premature spoilage, decrease the workload of heating/refrigeration units, and conserve energy. These benefits reflect the goals of Econofrost: to save our customers and clients time, energy, and money by protecting food through environmentally-sustainable practices.

offers the only aluminum night covers available on the market. To date over 300,000 covers have been successfully installed worldwide . These night curtains have become the standard for commercial refrigeration in supermarkets the world over.

Supermarket Refrigeration Display Case Manufacturers (OEMs) are rapidly installing ECONOFROST night covers as standard equipment or as after-factory retrofits. In Europe, manufacturers have adopted these blinds as a standard accessory on all their refrigeration equipment for many years now.

The highly specialized woven aluminum fabric blocks 70% of the ambient heat that normally enters open display case refrigeration units. The woven pattern works to diffuse reflected heat in multiple directions - this allows the refrigeration unit to maintain optimum temperature levels.

The perforations within the fabric allows condensation to evaporate, ensuring superior hygiene and preventing the growth of harmful bacterias such as mildew and mold. This durable, food safe material is designed to be a one-time purchase for each merchandiser. These thermal curtains will not tear or rust.

Manufacturers lacking commercial refrigeration experience produce and utilize low-quality, and/or unhygienic covers in materials such as plastic, vinyl and polyester. Glass doors restrict customer access and contribute to foggy condensation. None of these alternative materials come close to saving the amount of energy conserved by ECONOFROST woven aluminum curtains.

The produce/cheese case pull-down dhades have saved me $400-$500 on electricity alone for each and every month since installation. George Civiletto, Owner, Tuscany Fresh Meats and Deli Fredonia, NY

Installing Retrofit Energy Saving Products

Pulling down Econofrost to SaveECONOFROST easy-to-install refrigeration blinds simply roll up or down and are stored in a low profile cassette unit installed on the top of the display case during regular store hours. This allows shoppers unrestricted access to the display case, maximizing the visual appeal of merchandise and prompting impulse purchases.

The benefits of this open-access approach to merchandise presentation can therefore be realized while the detrimental costs of food spoilage/shrinkage and over-worked refrigeration/heating systems are mitigated by display cases that maintain optimum temperature for up to 15 hours after the thermal barriers have been retracted!

Moreover, these covers will act as an essential rapid response measure in the case of power outages, keeping product temperatures stable for longer periods of time.

ECONOFROST covers are used by supermarkets, grocery stores, food retailers, food services and institutions to keep their island freezers, produce showcases, refrigerated meat display cases, floral merchandise cases, deli cabinets, dairy showcases, and beverage merchandise coolers operating efficiently at optimal temperatures.

Food equipment and refrigeration distributors as well as supermarket refrigeration display case manufacturers (OEMs) are likewise experiencing the benefits that ECONOFROST have to offer. These clients are significantly rewarded for the implementation of environmentally sound technologies.

Independent studies like those conducted by Southern California Edison at their refrigeration lab in Irwindale, Califonia, have proven that customers who use ECONOFROST covers experience a significant savings in energy. Beyond this, many such initiatives are rewarded with additional rebate incentives.

Furthermore, these money-saving, environmentally-friendly covers actually pay for themselves - often in as little as three months! ECONOFROST night covers are an environmentally-sustainable method of achieving multi-dimensional cost savings for any business owner or manager.

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